About Us

About Waste Recycling London

Waste Clearance is a family owned waste removal and recycling company that offers a professional and personalised service which is tailored to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers.

The company was conceptualised in 2008 by a broadcast engineer in search of a solution to two distinct problems.

Firstly, as a father of small children he decided that work life balance and preservation of the environment for future generations was more important than the daily grind of the corporate environment.

Secondly, the disposal of waste from activities such as, gardening, renovations, and decorating was also a time consuming impractical chore for this busy professional.
So this concept just made perfect sense.

We decided to make waste removal easy for us all and at the same time contribute towards keeping our villages, towns and cities cleaner and greener through encouraging the use of environmentally conscious professionals.

This in turn reduces the unscrupulous practice of illegal fly tipping, and through the promotion of Reusing, Reducing, and Recycling we not only divert from landfill but create a better environment for future generations to enjoy.

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