Construction and Renovation Waste

Construction and Renovation Waste

Do you use a lot of Skips? If so have you ever stopped to consider how much time you actually spend booking, arranging permits, negotiating rates and filling skips only to then turn up for work the next day and find it full of other peoples waste. Not to mention all the new builders’ waste legislation. Maybe it’s time to think again and let Waste Clearance save you time, headache and money. Our construction waste disposal and clearance team will arrive at a time convenient to you, provide a quote and if your happy load clear clean and go. We will then recycle of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner and provide the requisite documentation ensuring you’re comply with the relevant waste legislation. It won’t do you green credentials any harm either.

If your site is not Skip friendly Waste Clearance is a great alternative to Skip hire, No permit, no lifting, no moving, no cleaning. Book your speedy clean and green collection and start saving time and Money Today. Leave the tradesmen to earn you money and leave the waste to us.

Plasterboard disposal and recycling service.

Since April 2009 EU legislation prohibits plasterboard being mixed with general waste. Waste Clearance’s NEW green plasterboard collection service disposes of all plasterboard at specialist plasterboard recycling facilities. Please call for further information or simply fill out our online booking form.

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